marina’s photoshoots + colour palettes

marina pictures (31-33/50)

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@MarinasDiamonds Can you burn your retinas off from taking too many selfies? Asking for friend

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Marina + Colours From Music Videos.


Info from the Betatraxx Q&A

- Electra Heart will be released “in the next week.”

- “The original track is pretty similar, but I re-mixed every instrument and redid the drums. It’s much bigger and brighter”

- The organ part in EH is based on a part from Beauty and the Beast.

- “Marina heard my song Relic and recorded her vocals on that.”

- There is a Betatraxx remix, a dubstep/drum and bass remix by Teddy Killerz and a classical version by Betatraxx.

- “Marina was hands down the best singer I’ve recorded. She made my life so simple.”

- There are no new verses or parts to EH.

- We will also hear Betatraxx’s song Relic with Marina’s vocals (same vocals as EH)

- Marina recorded with Betatraxx at the start of her EH project.

- Marina has not been asked to record new vocals for the classical version of EH

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