Here’s a short masterpost of some of Marina’s live performances. Almost all of these are professionally recorded so you can easily hear the music without worrying about enthusiastic fans. If you’d like to add any, feel free to do so!

With Video

London Calling (2009)
Glastonbury (2010)
KCRW Acoustic Full Session (2010)
Le Live De La Semaine (2010)
Radio1 Big Weekend (2010)
SWR3 Festival (2010)
Blue Balls Festival (2011)
Paredes de Coura (2011)
Live in Hamburg (2012)
YouTube Presents Acoustic Songs (2012)
Live in Zurich (2012)
Live acoustic at Other Voices (2013?)
The RP Funding Theater (2013)

Audio Only

Kaufleuten Zurich (2010)
Melkweg - Amsterdam (2010)
Popscene SF (2010)
SR1 Radio (2010)

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Title: "FROOT"
Artist: Marina and The Diamonds
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It feels weird how when Marina releases her new album we’re gonna get so many more new diamonds on tumblr like hello, welcome u lil babies

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Marina and the diamonds Hamptons Feb 09

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